We represent several companies in the region, and we have introduced their products in various markets.

These products offer a wide variety of applications in different industrial areas. They are mainly natural tannins, additives for sugar, additives for working in cardboard, additives for wood, and wine-working
tannins. They are also used for the flotation of minerals, in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil industry.

Quebracho extract

Quebracho extracts are a complex blend of polyphenols prepared from the heartwood of Quebracho Colorado trees.

The polyphenol´s characteristics are versatile allowing the transformation and improvement of the extracts in many ways through processes that generate a range of products with specific properties
suitable for each different industry.

During the last decades of the 20 th century, research about tannins and their alternative uses introduced Quebracho extracts into a growing number of applications; specially in leather industry; as natural tanners, they allow to produce a wide variety of tanned leathers with a very good esthetic and natural

Tara Powder

Tara powder is obtained through the grinding of Tara sheath. Tara is a plant from Peru that is a natural source of tannins.

It has excellent resistance to light and practically it does not contain coloring substance, so it produces a clear, flexible leather with good aptitude for dyeing.

Its properties determine to be useful for:

  • Every type of skins with vegetable characteristics;
  • As an astringent in pharmacology;
  • As emulsion stabilizer and photo developing;
  • For the manufacture of dyes and;
  • Also, for food industry, works as an astringent taster in red wines, tea, coffee or cocoa.

We also commercialize Tara Gum that is mainly used in food industry as stabilizer for products with viscous consistency.

It is also used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and oil industry.